Surgeon Practice Support & Marketing

Video for PowerPoint presentations, public relations and marketing, patient testimonials, YouTube demonstrations, green screen interviews, exercise and rehabilitation videos, before and after aesthetic examples, video news releases, technique demonstrations, and marketing campaigns are just some of the video programs that Plexus can help with.

Surgeon Practice Support & Marketing

Some surgeons find it an advantage to market their practice through video with clips like surgeon interview segments that describe particular procedures that can be placed on YouTube or on the practice web site, or video of patient testimonials. Surgeon practices that are patient referral driven can especially benefit from these kind of video clips. Professional lighting, audio, and camerawork are essential to convey the quality of your practice through the quality of the video. Many patients want to see what their surgeon looks like beforehand and there is no better media than video for this.

Video For PowerPoint Presentations

Plexus can certainly edit up video you’ve already recorded and we know the best encoding techniques for PowerPoint. We have a simplified approach as well as an innate surgical sensibility as to which shots are best for any presentation. Just let us know how long your presentation needs to be, if there are pertinent points to the procedure that you want to demonstrate, and which platform you will show it on, Mac or Windows.

Patient Testimonials

Patient testimonials are a powerful means of getting business. Marketers will tell you that word of mouth advertising has been one of the most effective forms of advertising and patient testimonials fall in that category.

Green Screen Interviews

Green screen interview sessions can allow you to place any background behind the on-camera person being interviewed. This is sometimes beneficial when there is no ability to get an adequate shot within the surgeon’s office setting. You can read more about Green Screen Interviews here.

Exercise & Patient Rehabilitation Videos

Exercise recommendations are a fabulous means of getting your practice seen. Here is an example of how Plexus helped with one surgeon’s media offering that especially draws attention from the sports community:

Online Rehab & Training Videos YouTube Videos