Surgical Video Genres

Surgical Video Program Genres

Plexus Surgical Video Productions is a medical video production house specializing in producing surgical video programs and surgical product promotional programs. We have produced over 500 programs, shot in over 30 states and internationally, encompassing the entire spectrum of program possibilities.

  • Academic Surgical Procedural Programs
  • Surgical Procedural/Promotional Programs
  • Product Promotional Programs
  • Convention Floor Promotional Programs
  • Live Surgery & Events, Streaming & Satellite Uplink
  • Instructional & Assembly Programs
  • Cadaveric Dissection Programs
  • Surgeon Interview & Forum Discussion Programs
  • Seminar & Workshop Capture
  • Patient Education Programs
  • Oversee 2D & 3D Animation Segments
  • Sales Force Motivational Programs
  • National Sales Meeting Programs
  • Employee Motivation and Instructional Programs
  • Eye-Candy Product Promotionals Set To Music
  • Video News Releases, Documentary, & TV Commercials

These are just some of the typical video programs Plexus has produced.

Endoscopic Surgical Video Production

Arthroscopy, laparoscopy, pelviscopy, sinus endoscopy are just a few of the endoscopic procedures that a surgical video team encounters every so often. Endoscopic procedures have a slightly different set of video requirements than open surgical procedures. Namely the lighting requirements are not as demanding, but must be adjustable. Also all endoscopic procedures require taking a video signal from the endoscopic camera and recording that independently from all other cameras. Now with the transition to HDTV, this can sometimes become tricky, as not all surgical camera companies have provided the industry standard HD/SDI video signal output. A surgical video camera crew must come prepared to adapt to a number of different signal and connector types.

Plexus offers a simplified editing process for surgeon presentation video for PowerPoint and Keynote.
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Open Surgical Procedures

Open surgical procedures always require higher output lighting. Plexus uses sun-gun HMI lights mounted on top of each video camera to accomplish this. HMI lights are exceptionally bright but the temperature is cool, and surgeons are often happy to work without their OR lights when HMIs are used. Also, when OR lights are used at the same time, they are mostly a color temperature match.

At times when a small, deep wound must be visualized, using a laparoscope along with an open camera configuration provides the deep-wound view that is desired. Headcams are generally not the best video tools, because all headcams use wide-angle lenses, and the picture is always small and far away. The reason headcams use wide-angle lenses is to stabilize the shot. As soon as a telephoto lens is used on a headcam, even the subtlest movements of the surgeon’s head or simple breathing, make the shots jiggle.

Shooting Only Or Editing Only

Plexus is pleased to help you with your shooting needs, without editing, so that you can walk away with the footage for your own editors to work on. We can also edit previously shot footage. For producers who have the clients but lack the surgical expertise, we are happy to maintain the integrity of your client/producer relationship. We specialize in surgical procedures and do not tinker with advertising campaigns or other marketing packages that are a part of many production agencies.

Plexus offers a simplified editing process for surgeon presentation video for PowerPoint and Keynote.
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