Who has ever heard of a blind surgeon? Surgeons use their eyes to operate as much as their hands and instrumentation. In fact, by nature most surgeons are as acutely visual as graphic artists, photographers, and filmmakers. Many of them spend considerable time and money visiting champion surgeons just to see them operate and learn new procedures. “Seeing the procedure is the next closest thing to performing the procedure,” as one notable teaching surgeon would say.

Plexus Surgical Video Productions offers a comprehensive selection of video and media solutions for surgeons, surgical device marketers, and surgical/medical societies.

  • Academic Surgical Procedural Programs
  • Surgical Procedural/Promotional Programs
  • Product Promotional Programs
  • Convention Floor Promotional Programs
  • Live Event Capture, Web Streaming, ISDN, T1, & Satellite Uplink
  • Oversee 2D & 3D Animation Segments
  • Instructional & Assembly Programs
  • Cadaveric Dissection Programs
  • Surgeon Interview & Forum Discussion Programs
  • Seminar & Workshop Capture
  • Patient Education Programs
  • DVD & Multimedia Design
  • Sales Force Motivational Programs
  • National Sales Meeting Programs
  • Employee Motivation and Instructional Programs
  • Eye-Candy Product Promotionals Set To Music
  • Video News Releases, Documentary, & TV Commercials