Humanitarian Foundations

Plexus Surgical Video Productions has produced programs for humanitarian foundations such as Operation Arthroscopy.

We sort of call it a documentary, but it may be better to call it a video travelog. In 2005 I shot a group of international and American orthopedic surgeons who joined with Cuban orthopedists in Cuba at their yearly orthopedic congress meeting to help disseminate their experience with arthroscopic procedures. Since then, the work of Operation Arthroscopy has continued to countries like Kenya, Viet Nam, and others where their surgeons are in need of tapping into the experience of international orthopedists to learn these new technological procedures.

Here are a few stills taken from video, so the resolution is not so good, and this was back in the SD or standard definition days. Remember that? Standard video was interlaced and noisy, and stills taken from video then are dark looking and lack the crispness we get today with high definition video.

Nonetheless, the trip was fabulous and was a great teaching and learning opportunity for everyone.

At Hospital Ortopédico Frank País

At Hospital Ortopédico Frank País