Surgical Device Video Production

We specialize in every kind of surgical device video production solution you can imagine.

Known for creating surgical procedural programs that surgeons have lauded for decades, Plexus is eager to help you with producing a full program, a video series or journal, production-only events, or editing-only situations. We are even willing to provide simple camera help for your production. Plexus does it all and we are generous with our recommendations and expertise.

For Marketers & Product Managers

Who has ever heard of a blind surgeon? Surgeons use their eyes to operate as much as their hands and instrumentation. In fact, by nature most surgeons are as acutely visual as graphic artists, photographers, and filmmakers. Many of them spend considerable amounts of money and vacation time visiting champion surgeons, just to see them operate and learn new procedures. “Seeing the procedure is the next closest thing to performing the procedure,” as one notable teaching surgeon would say.

Marketer’s Golden Opportunity

For the marketer, this means that there is a golden opportunity to reach this visual market, through visual media and multimedia, that responds to the needs and interests of the surgeon on multiple levels. Video programs, animation, artwork, and convention floor displays have historically yielded excellent results for most every marketing strategy.

Plexus Communications is a medical video production house specializing in producing medical video programs focusing on surgical procedures and surgical product promotion. We have produced over 800 programs, shot in over 40 states and internationally, encompassing the entire spectrum of program possibilities.

At Plexus our philosophy is very simple. We strive to take as much work out of the product manager’s hands as possible. Those who have worked with us know we have the expertise in all phases of surgical video production from A to Z. That is why our clients keep coming back to us over and over.

Contributing To The Academic Surgical Community

One of the best contributions your company can make to the greater surgical community is to support video programs that can be accepted and sometimes distributed by academic societies. With a little forethought, your company-generated video program can be adjusted to conform to the academic criteria of most medical/surgical societies, while at the same time fulfilling your company marketing needs. Plexus is astutely aware of the various society criteria, and often we contribute the added value of directing a program so that it can be used for multiple venues.

We Represent Your Company Because We Are On Your Team

Plexus always keeps in mind the importance of representing your company as if we are part of your company. We take care to notify the appropriate operating room personnel as well as other hospital departments that may have an investment in our shoot dates, so that everything runs smoothly and we enroll the commision of the whole OR team.

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