Surgical Video Editing

Shooting Only Or Editing Only

Plexus is pleased to help you with your surgical video production needs, without editing, if that is what you want, so that you can walk away with the footage for your own editors to work on. We can also edit previously shot footage by other video crews who may not have the surgical expertise. Plexus has the unique and highly desirable knowledge base of being able to edit surgical footage without the ongoing help and direction of surgeons and marketers. In fact, we have never had a surgeon or marketer sit with us through the full editing process. Sure in the old days of A/B roll editing we had local surgeons drop in to see how we were doing, or to clean up small details. But today with the ability to utilize the internet for posting media that can be examined by surgeons and marketers remotely, all editing fixes can be conducted by everyone conveniently.

Protecting Other Video Producers That Already Have the Clients

We also work with producers who have the clients but lack the surgical expertise. Or maybe you don’t shoot but hire crews. Know that Plexus does not steal your clients and will work with you to keep them coming back to you. Plexus wants to maintain the integrity of your client/producer relationship. We specialize in surgical procedures and do not tinker with advertising campaigns or other marketing packages that are a part of many production agencies. So call Plexus if you need surgical video production or editing. We can also refer you to producers we have worked with in the past in this manner so that you can ascertain for certain that we act with integrity.

Presentation Video

Plexus offers a simplified editing process for surgeon presentation video for PowerPoint and Keynote. More About Presentation Video Editing:

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