Sony XDCam HD Cameras

Sony XDCam EX Cameras

Plexus uses the Sony XDCam EX cameras for capturing HD footage in surgery. XDCam is a tapeless means of capturing video whereby we record the footage onto a set of small SxS cards and ingest the footage onto a hard drive while shooting the case. The advantage of this is not only the stunning footage we are able to capture, but also we can let the cameras roll through the whole case without a tape change. A five-hour surgery can be captured on one clip if we so desire. Later, we assemble the contents of each rotated SxS card and they seamlessly span over to the contents of the next card, and the next, and so on. This means we never miss a shot and we do not have to stop the surgeon in order to change tape.

Utilizing Jib(Boom) Arms When Shooting Surgery

Shooting surgery shouldn’t even be attempted unless your video crew is using jib or what we call “boom” arms, so that you can place the cameras and stabilize them high above the patient. You simply won’t get the shots otherwise. Plexus typically uses two jib arms for most cases. One is a remotely controlled jib with a Sony PMW-EX1 camera that captures the overhead shots, and the other jib is a manually operated jib that is controlled by a camera operator from a slightly less overhead position, enabling that camera to go low or maneuver around a surgeon’s head in a moment’s notice.