Surgical Video Production, Editing, & Broadcast Services

Surgeon Presentation Editing

Surgical presentations range from PPT slide presentations to video demonstrations and even sports demos with famous athletes demonstrating biomechanics.

Today most surgeons know how to build their own PPT presentations but often need video for their lectures. Plexus can help with this. We can help with production as well as editing. And our experience is not limited to surgery. Plexus has even done simple animation, compositing, and music videos before.

One recommendation here: if you are building your PPT slide presentations and want to transfer those to video, it is best today to use a 16×9, HD or widescreen aspect ratio format in your slides over the historical 4×3, SD or standard definition aspect ratio. Widescreen to video fits perfectly whereas 4×3 will leave black bars at the sides of the slide when on video.

Be sure to visit our Surgical Video Editing page for more information regarding simple to complex editing.

Surgical Video Editing