Surgeon/Hospital Relations

Plexus Surgical Video Productions is not just made up of video professionals, but experienced surgical staff as well.

This is why we are so sensitive to the requirements of hospitals and operating room personnel as well as surgeons.

Making Contact With The Surgeon As Well As The Hospital

Because we know that one of the most difficult tasks in shooting surgical video is actually coordinating a production date, we advocate making the proper contacts early, even if a definite shoot date has not been scheduled yet. Sometimes, especially at teaching and university hospitals, there can be a number of unforeseen hurtles to cross before permission is granted to shoot. Ideally, Plexus prefers to give all hospitals and surgery centers more than 2 weeks notice before a surgical shoot, although we realize this is not always possible.

Both surgeon office as well as operating room contact information is important. Do not rely on the surgeon to contact the operating room for you or the video crew. Acquire the OR contact information from the surgeon and ask that s/he notifies the OR, but give Plexus the information so that we can make arrangements for satisfying vendor requirements, shipping in video equipment, as well as making arrangements to set up. Many hospitals also require contact with the Public Relations Department. Sometimes these PR departments handle much of the paperwork requirements and even liaison contact with the OR.

Plexus strives to represent your company as if we are a part of your company, so sensitivity to all hospital and surgeon relationships are important.

Shipping In Video Equipment & Set Up

Plexus typically ships in video equipment to arrive at the operating room before set up. Arrangements need to be made with the OR staff. Also setting up the video equipment can take between two to three hours depending on the kind of video production, so Plexus routinely wants to set up the day before a production so all systems are go and any potential technical difficulties can be discovered and addressed early.

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