Surgical Video Production, Editing, & Broadcast Services

Plexus Surgical Video Productions has comprehensive experience with all aspects of surgical video production and post production. Surgical programs mostly utilize three categories of services: video production, live video broadcasts and events, and video editing and encoding. Here’s a list of the various kinds of services Plexus offers:

Surgical Video Procedural Programs

We specialize in every kind of surgical device video production solution you can imagine. Known for creating surgical procedural programs that surgeons have lauded for decades, Plexus is eager to help you with producing a full program, a video series or journal, production-only events, or editing-only situations. We are even willing to provide simple camera help for your production. Plexus does it all and we are generous with our recommendations and expertise.

Live Surgery

Live surgical video has an appeal that has been ongoing for decades now. Surgeon viewers especially like the directness and immediacy of the live surgical event. Whereas redundancy is typically edited out of the procedural video program, the live surgical event is an A to Z look at the presenting surgeon’s technique and thinking, right here and right now.

Shooting Surgical Video In The OR Live

Shooting in the OR live requires solid preparation and decisive planning. The demands for shooting a live event are much greater than capturing a surgical procedure and taking the footage to the editing suite. It necessitates more people, more cameras, and more equipment.

Shooting Only Or Editing Only

Plexus is pleased to help you with your shooting needs, without editing, so that you can walk away with the footage for your own editors to work on. We can also edit previously shot footage. For producers who have the clients but lack the surgical expertise, we are happy to maintain the integrity of your client/producer relationship. We specialize in surgical procedures and do not tinker with advertising campaigns or other marketing packages that are a part of many production agencies.

Live Surgical Video



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