Series/Subscription Programs

Surgical societies benefit tremendously from producing academic surgical video procedural programs offered in a series, either through DVD subscriptions or today in VOD or video on demand offerings.

For viewing surgeons, surgical video is like standing next to the presenting surgeon and watching the nuances of the procedure in closeup, as they would not be able to when visiting in the actual OR. And each video series can be created to satisfy the on-demand needs of every viewer and to accommodate CME requirements.

Plexus Surgical Video Productions has co-produced and contributed to many surgical society video series programs that have enhanced the academic and educational efforts important to every society.

Historically surgical series content is decided upon by the appropriate educational committee in a given surgical society. Typically, surgical device company sponsorship can be procured for all offerings, and sponsorship can be arranged in a manner so that one or two procedures valuable to a sponsor’s marketing efforts can be arranged in a grouping of procedures that may not all be of interest to the sponsor.

Stages of a Video Series or Subscription Based Video Offering

The first stage is of course planning, and the educational committee typically determines the procedures that are innovative and would be of interest to the largest surgeon audience within the society. At this stage multiple video programs are listed and the series range is determined. distribution strategies are explored as well.

Next the committee determines the sponsorship needs for a multiple grouping of procedures and contacts potential sponsors. Arrangements and contractural relationships are made with sponsors.

Then the list of video programs with contact information is handed to Plexus and we arrange shoot dates with surgeons and hospitals for the various procedures. Once the procedures are shot, editing commences and is then submitted to an approval process.

Once approval is transited, the programs are compiled into the series offering, whether this is a quarterly, ti-yearly, or bi-yearly offering, and subscriptions are fulfilled and distribution is conducted.

Surgical Society Programs