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Live Surgery Video AANA 2018
by Greg Ondera on 04-30-2018
Walkabout Director Technique for Live Surgery Video — It has been well over a decade since the Arthroscopy Association of North America... Read More ›
Steps To Producing Surgical Video For Device Marketers — Part 1
by Greg Ondera on 11-28-2016
From Idea to Proposal — First Stage Surgical Video Strategies —  I had a client a number of years ago relate to... Read More ›
Hand Surgery Video
Shooting Hand Surgery Video
by Greg Ondera on 11-01-2016
A Surgical Videographer’s Technique for Capturing the Upper Extremity —  During my years as a surgical tech, hand surgery was one of my... Read More ›
The Walkabout Director
by Greg Ondera on 09-22-2016
One Technique for Better Live Surgical Video Broadcasts —  Anyone who has ever toured a television studio can tell you that the... Read More ›
Surgical Video Procedure & Device Marketing on YouTube
by Greg Ondera on 09-20-2016
How Surgical Device Marketers Can use YouTube as an Effective Marketing Tool —  Did you know that YouTube is the second most... Read More ›
Stepping Into The Surgeon’s Eyes
by Greg Ondera on 03-07-2015
The First Precept for Shooting Outstanding Surgical Video —  Some years ago I was involved in the discovery and planning stages of... Read More ›
Total Knee Arthroplasty Surgical Video
by Greg Ondera on 02-12-2015
At Plexus Surgical Video Productions we have produced many video programs on total knee arthroplasty. In this slideshow, we thought you might like... Read More ›
AOSSM Seattle 2014 Surgical Skills Demonstrations
by Greg Ondera on 07-11-2014
I love directing live surgical events! It’s where I get to really show my stuff. I call the shots and make the... Read More ›